A mermaid gazes at the surface of water and questions herself again today.

Where is my true land in which to live ?

The fish answer : This must be your home.

The mermaid replies,

Well, from above the water, out of blue sky, illuminating a certain light,

I can hear a voice calling me.

And yet, I will begin a journey.

Through the vortex of light and the bubble waves,

I will watch the world above water for today.

She shows her face in the wind and takes a long and deep breath,

Relying on shining stars to find her authentic self.


A call asked : Where does the guide come from ?

Does it come from the bottom of the ocean?

Does it come from the corner of the sky?

Does it exist in my head?

Or does it lie in my chest ?

What is this, thing deep inside that encourages me to go on ?

Though you do not know, it keeps guiding you,

And life continues on toward it.

Your joy is resonated to significant others

That brings a sacred feast : the joy of being alive.

297 × 420mm   

Acrylic on canvas

Special thanks!

Traslated by Eric & Associates : Traslation by Eric Iwabuchi, English proof reading by Jacqueline Cormier, Alison Hayward, Sophia McMonagle.

Painting artist Kahou Nakabayashi

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