The Ancient Festival

It is a sacred and ecstatic process to participate in harmony with The Great Energy.

A festival of dance and music, originally meant to be such a joining process, Presumably.

Even the art, it can be something that evokes feelings of unity with The Divine Nature.


I heard that a picture human drawn for the first time was painted in red, black and white. If the black color represents the darkness of the universe when we look upon an evening sky, I wonder could the blue represent something similar ? This is why I name this painting “The Ancient Festival.”

297 × 420mm   

Acrylic on canvas

Special thanks!

Traslated by Eric & Associates : Traslation by Eric Iwabuchi, English proof reading by Jacqueline Cormier, Alison Hayward, Sophia McMonagle.

Painting artist Kahou Nakabayashi

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